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Trivia Tuesday
Experience the fun of Trivia night every Tuesday at 7pm.
Reserve a table and dine while you play. 
How to reserve a table?
You need a minimum of 2 people and a max of 6 people to play.
Call reception to book early as there is limited spots available!!
1st Prize: $100 Dinner Voucher
2nd Prize: 4 Bottles of wine
3rd Prize: A drink for the whole quiz team
Chase the Ace
Will you be the next winner of Chase the Ace. Come enjoy a night out eating and drinking to Chase the Ace.
Thursday at 7.30 pm you may be the next lucky winner to pick a card.
How to enter?
Raffle tickets are given to you with any drink purchased.
Ticket for every drink purchased!
You can win the big jackpot of the week if you find the ace!
Meat Raffle
Are you a Meat Lover? This game is for you. Every Friday night we will be holding a meat raffle at approx. 7.30 pm.
Do you want to be the next meat winner?
How to enter? 
Raffle tickets are given to you with any drink purchased.
The more drinks you buy the better chances you have.
Well of course it's MEAT!